Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kanye's Presence Is A Present, So Kiss His A$$!

Kanye West is one of the most fascinating people walking the earth right now.

It's a fact. 

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Behind the Celine blouses, Givenchy pants and douchebag exterior, Kanye West is a creative genius with a master plan that many of us can't understand. 

Kanye West had a moment of clarity last night on Twitter, and while many people were rolling their eyes in disgust, many more were holding on to every epic tweet that hit their timelines. 

Kanye has sh*t to say. And not just bullsh*t, he really has creative and profound things he would like to share. And last night, he shared over 80 snippets of information with the world.

Despite many people's perception of Kanye West, Kanye is aware. Let's not get too jaded and blinded by his media persona. Kanye embodies awareness and wants to hold people accountable for socio-economic issues that plague his city, our country, and the world. 

Being the son of an educator, Kanye encompasses the characteristics of a scholar with his willingness to inform and apprise his fans about the opportunities celebrity has bestowed upon him. 

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When Kanye speaks, tweets, or communicates with the world, we all should listen.

If we aren't listening to Kanye than we're missing out on the opportunity to become informed about worldly things we may be ignorant of.

All I have to say to Kanye is talk your sh*t 'Ye, spread your creative ideas, inspire the world, innovate celebrity and spark a revolution. 

For anyone who has tried to assassinate Kanye's character, destroy his money matrimony, or black ball him from being honest, they forgot about two things: his black balls. 

It takes a lot of balls to be the object of public scrutiny and it takes even bigger balls to be Kanye West.

Inspired by the words of late great Tupac Shakur, I'm not saying Kanye West is going to change the world, but I guarantee he will spark the brain that will change the world. 

~Brittany Lewis

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