Thursday, 2 February 2012

Reese Witherspoon?s Confession: I Had a Crush on Johnny Depp

She?s been busy doing press promotions for her new movie ?This Is War,? and Reese Witherspoon let a secret slip during a recent interview.

The ?Sweet Home Alabama? actress took a Twitter question from a fan who asked her about her first celebrity crush.

Reese replied, "I have to say probably Johnny Depp in '21 Jump Street.' I just had a really major crush on him. I used to pull pictures out ofTeen Beat and put them on my wall."

Ms. Witherspoon added, "I don't think he knows. I'm not sure it would faze him: I'm sure he's heard that quite a bit."

As for her decision to make the action-oriented ?This Means War,? Reese explained, "I try not to make the same movie twice. I try to explore and push out in new areas, and I thought it was a nice way to get comedy and action together. I've never really been in a movie with a bunch of guns and action sequences. I'd turn to Tom and Chris and say, 'The bad guys are chasing us ? this is hysterical!' It would just make me laugh. I think it's ridiculous ? me running from the bad guys. But it was really fun."


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